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Happy Thanksgiving and News Around the Net!

November 26th, 2008

The folks over at aintitcoolnews have posted something very cool — a slightly tweaked version of the new Star Trek trailer.  It’s basically the exact same trailer, with one big glorious change made to the very last shot.  This isn’t a fan-made hoax, this is a real first glimpse at something cool from J.J. Abrams’ new movie.  Now, this addition to the trailer could sort of be considered a spoiler, so beware (although this particular plot point has been pretty common knowledge since the movie was first announced over two years ago, and I have no doubt that it will feature heavily into trailers that will get released closer to the film’s opening).  Anyways, it’s pretty neat, so check it out here.

I have a lot more to say about the Star Trek trailer, but I’m holding it in for now.  In the mean-time, there have been a LOT of words about the trailer written all over the web, and here are my two favorite pieces so far:  Devin over at CHUD (Cinematic Happenings Under Development) identifies a lot of the fears that long-time Trek fans like myself have over the new film, while Moriarty at AICN expresses a much more optimistic and excited view (which is where I’m at when I’m not getting insanely crazy over the idea that this new film seems to be ignoring established Trek continuity like the back-story that Robert April was the first captain of the Enterprise.)  OK, deep breaths…

In other news:

Wired Magazine has an amusing article on The Five Awesomest TV and Movie Spaceships.  I still think the refit U.S.S. Enterprise (from the first 6 Star Trek movies) is my favorite, but this fellow’s picks are pretty good, too.

There’s a neat new motion-poster out for the new Terminator movie.  See the thing in motion here (give the image a minute to get going), or click here to see a still of the poster’s final image.  Cool poster, but if this movie winds up actually being any good I will be stunned.

Can someone explain to me why Fox isn’t making lots and lots of X-Men sequels?  OK, the third one stunk, but it made a lot of money, right?  There are so many great X-Men characters and comics that are just waiting to be made into awesome films — what’s going on?  Instead, Fox is making spin-offs (there’s the Wolverine movie coming out this summer, inexplicably titled X-Men Origins: Wolverine; and they’re also working on an Ian McKellan-free Magneto spin-off titled, oh yes, X-Men Origins: Magneto), and now word comes that Fox is gearing up for an X-Men PREQUEL.  Read Variety’s story here.  A PREQUEL?  Ugh.  I am sick and tired of Hollywood’s current fascination with prequels.  Come on, make a real SEQUEL!  Give us the real Phoenix saga!  Give us Days of Future Past!  Tell the story of the Trial of Magneto, or the Mutant Massacre, or any one of a hundred other great tales from the comics.  Is Patrick Stewart too expensive to get back for more movies?  No problem!  Either re-cast the role, or just tell stories without him.  (Again, all Fox has to do is look to the comics for inspiration — Chuck was constantly getting written out over the years, because the writers had a hard time threatening the X-Men when they had an all-powerful telepath on their side.  There was a great storyline in the 80’s, when Xavier was in space or something, during which a reformed Magneto actually took over Xavier’s school before ultimately succumbing to his more violent impulses.  That would be a FANTASTIC movie!)  Same goes for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Halle Berry as Storm… if Fox can’t get them back, either re-cast the roles or tell stories without them.  There are PLENTY of other mutants around.  It seems to me that some new X-Men sequels would be a license for Fox to print money, so I just don’t know what’s holding them up…

OK, deep breaths…!!

Let’s end on a more optimistic note.

Can it be?  Do I dare to dream?  Is the long-rumored Arrested Development movie inching closer to actually happening??  Here’s what the Hollywood Reporter has to say, and some follow-up from Ron Howard.  I think I just blue myself.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I will be posting a new cartoon tomorrow, as well as (if all goes well), my thoughts on the new 24 TV-movie, Redemption.  So be sure to check back here after having your fill of turkey.  See you then.

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