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What is Your Favorite Movie of All Time?

November 30th, 2009

To help me keep regular updates going while Steph and I adjust to the two newest (and loveliest!) additions to our family, I have solicited a number of guest bloggers for the site for the next few weeks.  (I figured my just posting new baby pictures every day probably wasn’t the type of “regular content” that most of you are looking for!)

I posed a simple question to a number of my close friends and colleagues: What is your favorite movie of all time?

I received several wonderful pieces in response that discuss a wide variety of films (so far, no duplication!).  Each writer approached the question from a different angle.  While most discuss the strengths of the film they listed as their favorite — what made it a success and what gives it its enduring power — many also branched out to talk about the first time they saw the film, what personal meaning it holds from them, or other tangents.

Starting on Wednesday, I’ll be posting these pieces in a continuing series over the next several weeks (interspersed with other posts by yours truly on a variety of different topics, of course!).  I think this is a really exciting series that provides a look at an array of different amazing films (some very famous, some a little less so).  I hope you agree!

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