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“We’re Running Out of Time!” Camp Ramah Parodies 24!

December 30th, 2009

Back in October, I posted Camp Ramah in New England’s Lost parody video (from summer 2009), and last week I posted our parody of The Office (from 2008).  Now, I’ve got one last silly Camp Ramah video to share with you all.  (For now, that is!)

Back in 2007 we kicked off our Staff Week at the start of the summer with an elaborate program based on the TV show, 24.  Here’s the intro video:

This lead into a multi-element competition in which the counselors had to complete a variety of tasks in order to plan a trip for their campers.  Of course, just as 24 seems to totally change track every 8-or-so episodes, in which whatever bad guy we thought was the real villain turns out to just be a minor player in a much larger scheme, after 30 minutes of our program we called all of the participants back to our CTU (“Camp Trip Unit”) headquarters and revealed that our counselors had a bigger problem to deal with:

That sent the counselors scurrying around camp, searching for life-size paper cut-outs of their “missing campers”. And then, just to be mean, we switched things up again only moments before the program was scheduled to end, and revealed the true nature of the threat facing our camp:

Pork Saturation Bomb?  That’s quality humor, folks.

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