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Forgetting Sarah Marshall spin-off Get Him to the Greek trailer debuts!

February 18th, 2010

When I first read, a year or two ago, that a spin-off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall was in the works, featuring Russell Brand’s break-out character of rock-star Aldous Snow in a starring role, I was dubious.  I absolutely adored Forgetting Sarah Marshall (read my brief review here), and there’s no question that Russell Brand was phenomenal.  But it just sounded like one of those projects that would never actually happen.  How many times have I read about studio executives proposing spin-off projects for popular side-characters from successful movies?  (How’s that Magneto origins movie coming along?  Or the Venom film?)  Plus, while I think that Forgetting Sarah Marshall was well-thought of by critics and fans, it wasn’t exactly a comedy blockbuster like The 40 Year-Old Virgin.  I was convinced the “in-development” Aldous Snow movie was never going to happen.

Well, friends, guess I was wrong, because a few days ago Universal unveiled their trailer for Get Him to the Greek, starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill.  Check it out here!

The trailer looks great, so consider me excited.  (And how weird is it that Jonah Hill is again partnered with Russell Brand, as he was so memorably in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, yet while Brand is playing the same character, Hill is not?  Weird.  And gutsy!)

Hey, while I’m laying new trailers on you, check out this new preview for Toy Story 3!  Nice ascot!

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