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News Around the Net!

This is a pretty funny assemblage of 1980’s movie references.  Don’t miss Topher Grace’s dynamite Marty McFly impersonation that comes at around 2:30.

I was sad to read of the passing of famed composer John Barry. He’s responsible for so many pieces of iconic James Bond related music, it’s staggering.  He wrote the scores for eleven Bond films, including Goldfinger and From Russia With Love.

In happier Bond news, is it possible that Javier Bardem will be the villain in the next Bond film?  James Bond vs. Anton Chigurh?  What an inspired idea!

In even-happier-than-that Bond news, comes this casting possibility.  I really hope these casting rumors pan out!  I’m very excited with the way Bond 23 looks to be shaping up so far…

Click here to read The New Yorker‘s fantastic profile of Guillermo del Toro.  It’s a lengthy piece, stuffed full of delicious tidbits of information on the many projects that he has in the hopper (and some — like The Hobbit with him as director — that sadly will never be).  I really hope that his adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness actually happens.

I’m a dreamer, and I dare to dream that someday we’ll get another awesome X-Men movie.  (I adored X-Men and X2, but was disappointed by X3 and thought X-Men Origins: Wolverine was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.)  I’m starting to think it just might be happening when I read articles like this about The Wolverine, the upcoming film directed by Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler, Black Swan), written by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects), and based upon Chris Claremont & Frank Miller’s famous, amazing Wolverine mini-series from 1982, set in Japan.  My hopes are VERY high for this one, gentlemen.  Please don’t let me down!

The moment I knew was coming has arrived: Brandon Routh is officially not playing Superman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming film.  Readers of this site know that I am a fierce defender of Superman Returns, and in particular I thought Mr. Routh was phenomenal as Clark Kent/Superman.  I totally understand that Mr. Snyder wants to set his film apart from Bryan Singer’s film, but I’m still really disappointed that we’re not going to get a whole series of films with Mr. Routh in the lead.  It’s a big disappointment.

And, I must add, this rumor that Jessica Biel is up for the role of Lois Lane has me VERY worried.  Urgh, that’s a terrible idea.  But then I read that that Jessica Biel rumor is just that — a rumor.  OK, whew, I thought, bullet dodged.  But then I read that she can’t be Lois Lane because, apparently, Lois Lane is not in the new Superman movie!  How could that be true?  Because apparently the new Superman movie takes place after Clark’s Smallville days but before he arrives in Metropolis.  URGH that is an EVEN MORE TERRIBLE idea.  I don’t need the Batman Begins version of Superman!  I’ve already seen all of the I’m-sorta-but-not-quite-Superman stories I can take over the course of many seasons of Smallville. Even I, who loved Superman Returns, admit that what that film was lacking was enough Superman-in-his-prime action.  So now the next Superman movie is going to be yet another pre-Superman origin story?  Oh boy, I am not encouraged.  I hope this is all just incorrect rumor…

In more encouraging superhero-movie news, have you seen the bad-ass new poster for Captain America?  LOVE IT.

And in even MORE encouraging superhero-movie news, I really hope the rumors are true and Shane Black is directing Iron Man 3!!! This would be an inspired, phenomenal choice.  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which Mr. Black wrote and directed, is one of my favorite films of the last decade, and that film was a big component in Robert Downey Jr.’s career resurrection.  It would be great to see the two reunited, and I think Mr. Black would bring a great sense of humor and energy to Iron Man.  And as one of the masters of 1980s action flicks, I have no doubt he could handle the action sequences as well.  VERY exciting.

Ever wonder just how many times Phil Connors re-lived Groundhog Day in the classic Bill Murray film?  Director Harold Ramis addresses that question in the DVD’s phenomenal commentary track (seriously, it’s a fantastic track — funny and informative), but now a serious fan (with entirely too much free time) has busted out his calculator and done some math to try to create a definitive answer to that question.  This is a great read.  Makes me want to re-watch the movie!

I’ll leave you with that, gang.  See you back here soon!

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