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Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show!

August 14th, 2011

Do you only know Titus Welliver from his role as the Man in Black on Lost? The man is a terrific actor and comedian.  Check out his Christopher Walken impression:

That was pretty good, right?  But it’s nothing compared to his staggeringly spot-on impersonation of Al Pacino, at three different phases of his career.  Check this out, you won’t be disappointed:

Those two clips are both from Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show.  I had no idea this existed until a few weeks ago, and now it’s just about my favorite thing ever.

The great Kevin Pollak (who is a terrific actor, comedian, and impressionist of his own) has been doing (for quite some time now!) a weekly on-line chat show, in which each week he interviews a different guest.  Many of his guests are famous actors and comedians, though Mr. Pollak has interviewed fascinating folks from other fields as well.

I’ve fallen in love with Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show not only because of the guests (take a look at the show’s archive page to see that Mr. Pollak has interviewed a staggeringly phenomenal list of amazing people), but because each interview is nearly two hours long!  The conversations are extraordinarily in-depth — this is a far cry from the five-or-so-minutes that you see guests interviewed on the late night talk shows these days.  Mr. Pollak is a great interviewer — his relaxed style gets the guests to open up, and he’s able to keep his conversations interesting and very, very funny.  (Again, it helps that many of his guests are hysterical people in their own right.)

I discovered Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show when I saw a link on to Mr. Pollak’s interview with Damon Lindeloff.  I was engrossed by the conversation, and reminded just how likable and intelligent Mr. Lindeloff seems to be, despite his staggering cluelessness as to the total and epic failure of the final season of Lost.

Then I made my way to this interview with Eddie Izzard, one of my very favorite stand-up comedians, and I was hooked.

In the past few weeks I’ve watched Mr. Pollak’s interviews with Rob Reiner, Nathan Fillion, and Andy Richter, and each one was better than the next.  I am working my way through the archives of the show — there are SO MANY amazing interviews that I can’t wait to watch!  (I need more hours in the day!)

Readers of this blog will LOVE this on-line chat show, I promise you.  Check it out without delay.

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