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Do I Dare to Dream…???

October 3rd, 2011

It’s been my belief for a while now, that all of the talk, over the past few years, about the possibility of an Arrested Development movie was just that: talk.

Would I be thrilled beyond words to see an Arrested Development movie come to pass?  OF COURSE!!  (Though I must also admit no small amount of fear at the possibility that a movie made so long after the show’s cancellation might disappoint.)

But, I dunno, somehow it’s all just seemed like wishful thinking to me.

So what am I to make of the recent news that the creator (Mitch Hurwitz) and the cast are planning on reuniting for a NEW 9-10 EPISODE SEASON FOLLOWED BY A FEATURE FILM???  That’s such an astoundingly exciting idea that I am sort of blown away.  (Click here for more info.)  Could this be real?  Might this actually happen??

I am crossing my fingers desperately!!  “COME ON!!”

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