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Josh Interviewed By James Bond Website!

February 18th, 2013

Hi gang!  Yesterday the website posted an in-depth interview with me, talking all about!  The interview focused on my Skyfall cartoons and James Bond films, but we also discussed my web-comic in general, its history and development and my approach.  I think it was a pretty great interview, and I was honored to be asked by the site to participate!

You can click here for the full interview.  Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Your Skyfall series was 19 comics. Did you plan the jokes out beforehand, or do you generally write as you go along, letting the humour guide you?

Whenever I am about to start on a new movie, I grab a bunch of sheets of scrap paper and spend several hours doodling out all of my cartoon ideas. These are super-rough sketches, with just scribbles and blobs for the characters. But I get all my ideas sorted out before starting to draw a single cartoon. I have no set number of cartoons per movie, though if possible I try to do them by multiples of four (since I try to post four new cartoons every week, and I like to start a new movie on a Monday, rather than mid-week).

Q: Which other Bond films do you think are silliest enough to be ripe for parody?

Heh heh, all of them? I absolutely love the Bond films, I have seen them all so many times, but even the best ones have plenty that could be made fun of. The Roger Moore films are all pretty ridiculous, from the moment in Live and Let Die in which we see Bond driving through Harlem, and every single African American person he passes seems to be in on the criminal conspiracy… to when we see octogenarian Moore climbing the Golden Gate bridge in A View to a Kill. But actually, I think the easiest movies to parody are the ones that take themselves very seriously. Casino Royale (the Daniel Craig one, not the Woody Allen one!) came out before I started, but I’d love to go back and parody that film one of these days.

Click here for the full interview.  My thanks to!

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