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The Jewish Comix Anthology vol. 01 Press

October 1st, 2014 has posted a very positive review of The Jewish Comix Anthology, which specifically highlights my short story!  Here’s an excerpt:

Jewish Comix Anthology: Volume 1,” a “collection of tales, stories and myths told and retold in comic book form” is a dazzling new 256-page hardcover collection of comic book Judaica by 47 artists, including superstars like Art Spiegelman, Robert Crumb and Trina Robbins. Classics first published by DC Comics, Marvel and Dark Horse are presented along with new work created just for this volume.

Told in an eye-popping variety of visual styles, the book’s content is as wide as the Jewish experience itself. “These are stories,“ Bergson said, about “wise men, fools, supernatural beings, tragedy, intolerance, chutzpah and heroism.“ Women artists are well represented, and women characters fill plenty of roles besides wives and mothers. (Yes, there’s a story about “heroic chastity.” But there‘s also the tale of a Jewish “warrior princess.”)

Some of these stories are instantly compelling. Others require re-reading and contemplation. Which is as it should be. “A Jewish folk tale doesn’t end with a simple one-liner,” explains Yaakov Kirschen in “The Jewish Folk Tale.” “It ends with an invitation to uncover its deeper meaning and messages.”

Each reader will find stories that resonate. My own favorites are the sheer retro bliss of Joe Kubert’s 1946 “Golem,” a mix of Jewish fable and World War II adventure, and the silliness and wisdom of Spiegelman’s “Prince Rooster,“ a fable about identity. Plus there’s “The Coin, The Scroll and the Perfect Wife,“ a story by Joshua Edelglass about human nature with a happy twist at the end.

Click here for the full review:

Also, here’s a wonderful interview with Jewish Comix Anthology editor Steven M. Bergson: “Why Do The Jews Need a Comix Anthology?”

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