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POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence Exhibition

May 1st, 2018

I’m proud to have been included in the recent exhibition “POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence”!

Please click here for more information on the exhibition, as well as links to press reports on the show.

The exhibition was conceived by Joel Silverstein, who curated the artworks, along with Joshua Stulman and Goldie Gross. Production and curatorial advice was provided by Fred Polaniecki and Yona Verwer. The artworks are on view at the Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery.

This exhibition of 32 international artists highlights the current explosion of comic books with Jewish themes and fine artists who use comics as inspiration.

Included in the exhibition are legendary artists, including: Jim Aparo, Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik, Lynne Cassouto, Jessica Deutsch, Josh Edelglass, Max Gottfried, Goldie Gross, Bo Hampton, Alan Hobscheid, Paul Hoppe, Bob Kane, Jack Kirby, Lon Levin, Sarah Lightman, Jacqueline Nicholls, Martin Nodell, Betty Palmer, Archie Rand, Henrik Rehr, Arlen Schumer, Daniela Shapiro, Joel Silverstein, Hillel Smith, Emily Steinberg, Joshua H. Stulman, Matisyahu Tonti, Vitaly Umansky, Eli Valley, Julian Voloj, Al Wiesner, Ephraim Wuensch, Eugene Zhilinsky.

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