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News Around the Net!

Let’s begin today with an Arrested Development style two-minute summary of the original Star Wars THAT I CANNOT STOP WATCHING:

That is genius!  (My favorite part?  Has to be the callback to the Arrested Development Pete Rose joke!!)

Remember back when Netflix wasn’t really in the business of making their own programming, and a revival season of Arrested Development was one of their first steps in that direction?  That seems like forever ago.  I was so excited to get getting more Arrested Development… and then, like almost everyone, I was underwhelmed by what we got.  Still, I am very excited for the upcoming fifth season of the show on Netflix… and, wow, look at this: Netflix has just released a re-edited version of the fourth season!  Apparently, the fifteen original character-focused episodes have been completely remixed into twenty-two episodes that now feature all/most of the characters, more in the style of the show’s original run.  OK, color me intrigued!  I haven’t watched season four of the show since it was initially released five years ago… maybe this is a good way to five back in, in advance of season five…

And hey, look at this, on Monday Netflix released a trailer for the new Arrested Development season five, which is launching in just a few weeks!

I so want this to be good!!  I am starting to dare to hope…

By the way, since I’m thinking about Arrested Development, you all know about the Arrested Development Easter eggs that directors Joe and Anthony Russo (who directed many episodes of the show) snuck into Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War, right?

And, since I just can’t seem too stop writing about Arrested Development today, take a look at this unified theory of TV/movie continuity that suggests that those Easter eggs demonstrate that Avengers: Infinity War is in the same universe as the classic Adam West Batman show!

OK, moving on…

After fourteen years, I am super-excited that The Incredibles 2 is almost here…!

Buuuut… boy, I’m really hoping that this is a case of a lousy trailer misrepresenting what the film is really about.  Because if the film is really about a dad having issues with his wife having to work while he raises the kids… I am going to be very disappointed.  Come on, it’s 2018 for goodness sake!!  This had better not be what The Incredibles 2 is really about!!!

I am very excited that, after Infinity War, the next Marvel Studios movie is only two months away!

The first Ant Man was a fun surprise and I’m hoping this sequel is able to give us more of that fun tone.  I loved seeing Laurence Fishburne, making the jump from DC/Warner Brothers (he played Perry White in Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman) to Marvel, where he is apparently playing Bill Foster, one of the men who held the mantle of the superhero Goliath in the comic books!

Here’s a trailer for Paul Feig’s new film, A Simple Favor:

That’s… not what I expected from the co-creator of Freaks and Geeks and the director of Bridesmaids and The Heat!  But I am intrigued, and Paul Feig always has my attention.

I’ll leave you with this: several hilarious videos of Infinity War actors trying and failing to avoid completely spoiling the movie for the unsuspecting public…

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