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News Around the Net

February 22nd, 2019
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Right after my last News Around the Net post, about a month ago, this trailer dropped:

In this day and age I am rarely shocked by a movie trailer, but I was not at all expecting to discover that Jason Reitman will be making a Ghostbusters sequel!  Jason Reitman is, of course, the son of Ivan Reitman, who directed the first two Ghostbusters films, and he’s a fantastic writer/director in his own right.  Apparently he’s making a film that will serve as a sequel to the original two films, ignoring the female-led Ghostbusters reboot film directed by Paul Feig.  (Read more details here.)  I have mixed feelings about this!  On the pro side, I deeply love those first two Ghostbusters film and would love to see another great film made in this universe.  Mr. Reitman is a skilled writer/director in whom I have faith… AND his being the son of Ivan Reitman give shim a strong connection to this franchise that will, hopefully, serve in her favor.  On the con side, after all the negativity surrounding the all-female reboot film, I’d have loved to have seen that great cast allowed another turn at bat.  I’m disappointed that this sequel announcement likely means the all-female incarnation is dead.  I’m also not at all certain that ANY film could possibly live up to the original Ghostbusters at this point, and so a big part of me wishes they’d stop trying.  But, for now, I am cautiously optimistic and eager to learn more about what Mr. Reitman and his team (including co-writer Gil Kenan) are cooking up.

This is a great teaser for Frozen II:

My kids are excited!!

I’m a little less jazzed about this new trailer for Aladdin:

I’m sort of over all of these Disney live-action remakes of their animated films.  (Though I bet my kids will be excited for this one too!)

This is a big crazy (and NSFW) trailer for David Fincher and Tim Miller’s upcoming animated anthology show on Netflix:

I didn’t know anything about this before watching that trailer, and now I am excited to see this!

I’ve quite enjoyed Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s comic-book series Jupiter’s Legacy, and I’m excited that an adaptation is in the works as a TV show for Netflix.  Speaking of adaptations of Mark Millar properties, they’re really moving forward on a third Kingsman movie?  And it’s going to be a prequel?  I loved the original comic book series, The Secret Service, written by Mr. Millar and illustrated by the great Dave Gibbons, upon which the Kingsman films are based.  But the first film didn’t live up to my expectations, and I thought the sequel, while having some fun bits, was unable to improve on any of the first film’s failings.  I’m not filled with excitement for a third film, and the idea of a prequel sounds lame.  But I have to admit, they’ve assembled a spectacular cast…

Speaking of sequels I’m having a hard time getting excited about… looks like Terminator 6 will be called Terminator: Dark Fate.  I guess that’s an OK title.  Despite James Cameron’s involvement, and despite my love for this franchise, I’m having a hard time getting too excited for yet another attempt to reboot/re-set/re-launch this franchise.  But, as always, I hope for the best.

Captain Marvel, set in the nineties, has a gloriously nineties-looking website!!  I love it!!  That brings back memories…

Jason Momoa is in talks to play Duncan Idaho in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune movie?  Fantastic!  This movie’s cast is shaping up to be FANTASTIC.  (Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgård, Charlotte Rampling, Javier Bardem, and Josh Brolin.  Wowsers!!!)  I am really getting excited for this one.

A Breaking Bad sequel movie is really happening… and it will likely be shown on Netflix… and it might actually be multiple episodes rather than one single movie…?  This is all good news to me!

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