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It’s been a week but I still am having difficulty accepting that Chadwick Boseman is no longer on this earth.  There have, of course, been a wealth of tributes to him online.  Not to be missed is this beautiful remembrance penned by Black Panther director and co-writer Ryan Coogler.

King T’Challa has rejoined his ancestors, the great kings of old.  I hope he finds peace there.

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Moving on… here’s the new trailer for No Time to Die:

That’s a very exciting trailer.  The film looks great.  My concerns?  Well, Spectre burned me so badly, I get nervous seeing the returning characters played by Christoph Weitz and Léa Seydoux.  Part of me wants to forget that terrible Spectre film ever existed.  On the other hand, I’d love for this new film to redeem Spectre by actually making Blofeld into the great scary villain he should be, and doing something interesting with Madeleine.  We’ll see.  (I also have to admit that closing card reading “IN THEATRES NOVEMBER” makes me wince.  Even if the film actually does get released to theaters, I find it hard to believe I will think it’s safe enough to go out and see it.  This just makes me sad.)

I’m intrigued by this trailer for the upcoming HBO Max sci-fi show Raised by Wolves, overseen by Ridley Scott.  (I only watched the first minute of this externes trailer, because I didn’t want to have too much spoiled.)

Color me intrigued; what I watched of that trailer certainly looked visually stunning.  Ridley Scott is the Executive Producer and he directed the first two episodes (of the 10-episode series).

This is pretty wild: Between 1985-1987 George Takei was involved in filming a Star Trek fan film that was never released.  But now, decades later, the film has apparently been completed!  It’s called Yorktown: A Time to Heal, and it tells a story set between the end of the Original Series, before Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  Here’s a trailer:

The old footage doesn’t mesh so well with the new CGI effects, but the CGI looks great and I am thoroughly intrigued by this project.  It’s apparently coming out in December and I can’t wait to see it.  More info on the project can be found here.  Paramount/CBS crushed most of the great fan films a few years ago, so I hope this actually sees the light of day.

They’ve released a recording of the table read of The Good Place series finale.  It’s amazing.  I cried.  Good Place fans, watch this immediately.  Everything is fine.

Well, here’s news I was not expecting: Fox and Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files, are working on an animated X-Files spin-off show!  It’s called X-Files Albuquerque (will Walter White be showing up??), and it’s described as a humorous show about a group of inexperienced agents.  The premise sounds a lot to me like the new Star Trek animated comedy series, Lower Decks.  Is this really going to happen??  Could it possibly be any good…???  I’m certainly intrigued…

I haven’t yet seen New Mutants, as I am not going to see any new movies in theaters these days.  I’m interested in catching it when it’s released on streaming and/or on disc, though it sounds from the reviews like it’s pretty bad.  Also, apparently they misspelled New Mutants co-creator Bob McLeod’s name on the credits.  Oy.  That’s inexcusable.  (They also apparently didn’t credit Scott Lobdell and Carlos Pacheco, who co-created the character of Dr. Cecilia Reyes, played in the film by Alice Braga.  D’oh!)

This is interesting: the next TV show to be helmed by Game of Thrones show-runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will be an adaptation for Netflix of The Three Body Problem, the sci-fi novel written by Liu Cixin.  I’m not familiar with that novel (part of the series called Remembrance of Earth’s Past) — I’ll have to check it out!

I’ll wrap this post up with the craziest news I’ve heard in weeks: Francis Ford Coppola has created a new director’s cut of The Godfather Part III!  It’s going to be called The Death of Michael Corleone (which I remember hearing Mr. Coppola say decades ago was the title he’d originally wanted to use).  Read all about this here.  Wowsers.  Can Mr. Coppola create a version of The Godfather Part III that is any good?  I’m dubious, but I cannot wait to see what he has put together.

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