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Star Trek: Generations (1994)

From the DVD Shelf: Josh Reviews Star Trek: Generations (1994)

February 13th, 2013
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Well, a few months ago I reviewed the newly-released complete soundtrack to Star Trek: First Contact, and that immediately made me want to go back and re-watch the film, which I did.  After reviewing the soundtrack to Star Trek: Generations last month, I had the same compulsion!  It was fun to go back and re-watch Star Trek: Generations.

First of all, let me say that I cannot believe that this movie is already almost twenty years old.  That is insane!!

It’s all the more disappointing to consider that almost two decades have passed since the release of Generations because I feel, looking back on it, that the powers-that-be totally screwed up the Next Generation film series, and what began with such promise really fizzled out.  The Next Gen gang never got their truly great big-screen adventure.  I wrote in my soundtrack review that I think that Star Trek: Generations — flawed though it most certainly is — just might be the best of the four Next Gen films.  Perhaps First Contact is better (that film is far more action-packed and intense, though it too is chock-full of problems), but certainly I think the hour-long middle-section of Star Trek Generations — the section after the Enterprise B prologue and before Picard enters the Nexus — is the best representation of the Next Generation TV show on the big screen.  First Contact is fun, but it doesn’t really reflect the tone or style of the Next Generation TV show (not to mention the fact that with a whole new Enterprise, new sets, and new uniforms, it LOOKS very different).  But that middle hour of Star Trek: Generations is Next Gen realized on the big screen in a glorious way, full of exciting new twists and flourishes but very faithful to the TV show, and I love it.

OK, buckle up, let’s dive into my analysis.

The film gets off to a terrific start with a 20-25-minute prologue set at the christening and launch of the Enterprise B. Although I never thought it was necessary for the first Next Gen film to in any way cross over with or even acknowledge Classic Trek adventures — after seven successful years on TV, I felt Next Gen could more than handle its own feature film all on its own — I absolutely love this lengthy prologue section on board the Enterprise B. First of all, it’s very cool to finally see the “missing” Enterprise realized on-screen.  The Enterprise A was in Star Trek IV-VI, the Enterprise D was the Enterprise of The Next Generation, and we saw the Enterprise C in the classic Next Gen time-travel episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise.”  So we’d never … [continued]