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I am delighted by this first trailer for AppleTV’s upcoming adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation:

Mr. Asimov’s Foundation series is one of my very favorite works of sci-fi in any medium.  I love those books and have longed for years for a top-notch adaptation.  Will this be it?  Hard to say, but that trailer is great.

I’m also, like the rest of the world, very excited for the upcoming release of Hamilton on Disney+…!

Josh Gad has pulled together another fantastic Reunited Apart episode with this Ghostbusters reunion:

Star Trek: Voyager was, for quite some time, my least-favorite Trek series (though it looks amazing, now, compared to Discovery and Picard), but I nevertheless quite enjoyed this recent reunion of the Voyager cast on Stars in the House, raising money for The Actors Fund:

I enjoyed this podcast interview on “Off Panel” with comic book author Brian Michael Bendis, looking back on his incredible career.  Comic book fans might also be interested in this lengthy interview from “Comic Book News with Dan Shahin” with Dan DiDio, who was recently outside from his long-held position running DC Comics:

Click here for a lengthy interview with Dave Filoni, looking back on the conclusion of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

In other Clone Wars news, a terrific Star Trek podcast I listen to called Inglorious Treksperts recently did a rare non-Trek episode, interviewing Henry Gilroy, who was a key creative player on both Clone Wars and Rebels.  Dave Filoni tends gets most of the spotlight for those Star Wars animated shows, so it’s fun to hear from Mr. Gilroy.  Give it a listen here.

If you like that and want to listen to other episodes of Inglorious Treksperts, I recommend this fantastic remembrance of Leonard Nimoy with his long-time assistant Kirk Thatcher, who also played the “punk on the bus” in Star Trek IV!!  It’s a terrific conversation.  Click here to find it.

I was so sad to see the news of the passing of the great Ian Holm, who was so magnificent in so many films from Alien to The Lord of the Rings.  Bilbo Baggins now resides forever in the Grey Havens.  Click here to read Peter Jackson’s moving remembrance of this wonderful actor.

Click here to read about Mad Magazine’s Al Jaffee, who has apparently drawn his final “fold-in” at age 99!! Wow!

J.K. Simmons has already shot his next Marvel movie cameo as J. Jonah Jameson??  Fantastic!

I very intrigued and excited by this rumor that Michael Keaton will return as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Flash movie!  Will this be a “Flashpoint” style reboot of the current DC cinematic universe?  I don’t know, … [continued]

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News Around the Net

February 22nd, 2019
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Right after my last News Around the Net post, about a month ago, this trailer dropped:

In this day and age I am rarely shocked by a movie trailer, but I was not at all expecting to discover that Jason Reitman will be making a Ghostbusters sequel!  Jason Reitman is, of course, the son of Ivan Reitman, who directed the first two Ghostbusters films, and he’s a fantastic writer/director in his own right.  Apparently he’s making a film that will serve as a sequel to the original two films, ignoring the female-led Ghostbusters reboot film directed by Paul Feig.  (Read more details here.)  I have mixed feelings about this!  On the pro side, I deeply love those first two Ghostbusters film and would love to see another great film made in this universe.  Mr. Reitman is a skilled writer/director in whom I have faith… AND his being the son of Ivan Reitman give shim a strong connection to this franchise that will, hopefully, serve in her favor.  On the con side, after all the negativity surrounding the all-female reboot film, I’d have loved to have seen that great cast allowed another turn at bat.  I’m disappointed that this sequel announcement likely means the all-female incarnation is dead.  I’m also not at all certain that ANY film could possibly live up to the original Ghostbusters at this point, and so a big part of me wishes they’d stop trying.  But, for now, I am cautiously optimistic and eager to learn more about what Mr. Reitman and his team (including co-writer Gil Kenan) are cooking up.

This is a great teaser for Frozen II:

My kids are excited!!

I’m a little less jazzed about this new trailer for Aladdin:

I’m sort of over all of these Disney live-action remakes of their animated films.  (Though I bet my kids will be excited for this one too!)

This is a big crazy (and NSFW) trailer for David Fincher and Tim Miller’s upcoming animated anthology show on Netflix:

I didn’t know anything about this before watching that trailer, and now I am excited to see this!

I’ve quite enjoyed Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s comic-book series Jupiter’s Legacy, and I’m excited that an adaptation is in the works as a TV show for Netflix.  Speaking of adaptations of Mark Millar properties, they’re really moving forward on a third Kingsman movie?  And it’s going to be a prequel?  I loved the original comic book series, The Secret Service, written by Mr. Millar and illustrated by the great Dave Gibbons, upon which the Kingsman films are based.  But the first film didn’t live up to my expectations, and I thought the sequel, [continued]

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Did you know that genius Calvin & Hobbes cartoonist Bill Watterson recently drew a few new comic strips?  I sure didn’t!!  Here’s the whole crazy story of how master artist Bill Watterson wound up collaborating with Stephan Pastis on his comic strip Pearls Before Swine.  And here are the cartoons.  Wow.  Holy cow am I jealous of Mr. Pastis!!  Well done, sir!

In last month’s News Around the Net post, I noted the 30th anniversary of both Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.  This summer also marks the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters (holy hell, the summer of 1984 was AWESOME), and, to celebrate, the film is getting re-released to theaters on August 29th!!  Mark your calendars!  I’ll certainly be there.  (I love these sorts of revival screenings and wish the studios would do this far more often with their great films of yore.  As it happens, I’ve been able to see Ghostbusters a few times on the big screen in the last decade-or-so — click here for my thoughts on a screening of the film from 2011.)

And, sticking with Ghostbusters for just a moment longer, this is an awesome 30th anniversary infographic.

Gillian Flynn (author of Gone Girl) and Dave Gibbons (the artist of Watchmen) have collaborated on a short comic-book story.  Here it is, and it’s great.

This collection of Lucas Lee’s fake movie posters from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World really made me laugh.  I love that movie!!

This is a great, great list of the five best episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

I love this fantastic look back at two classic Newsradio episodes.  My lord that show was great.

Here’s another great stroll back down TV memory lane (as well as another reason to dearly miss the great, late Phil Hartman): a look at one of the very best episodes of The Simpsons, and one of the very best half-hours of television ever: “A Fish Called Selma.”

The Wachowskis are working on a ten-episode sci-fi show for Netflix, and the co-showrunner will be Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski?  OK, I am interested.

Speaking of Netflix, is Rosario Dawson going to be playing Karen Page on Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil show?  That would be awesome.

This is a fun article: Kramer, Meet Feldman: 19 TV Bizarros.

Joss Whedon has some fascinating thoughts on the state of super-hero movies today.  I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us with The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Meanwhile, is Nathan Fillion going to be in Guardians of the Galaxy???  Holy cow that’s … [continued]

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This “Modern Seinfeld” twitter feed is pretty amusing.  I guess the premise is these guys are coming up with Seinfeld ideas, if the show was being made today.  This one really made me laugh: George gets dumped for being a “toilet texter.” GEORGE: “What else are you supposed to do in there?!” JERRY: “I can think of a couple things.”

This is awesome: A New Yorker’s Tour of Ghostbusters.

Did you catch the second Robot Chicken DC Special earlier this month?  So funny.  This DC All Access video contains some of the great bits, and a peek behind-the-scenes:

This article about Police Academy sort of makes me want to re-watch it!  I haven’t seen any of those films in YEARS, but Police Academy #1-4 were HUGE parts of my childhood!!

How Gravity should have ended:

A new animated Batman short by Bruce Timm (mastermind behind Batman: The Animated Series) in honor of Batman’s 75th anniversary?  And it’s a retro pulp adventure?  And Kevin Conroy voices Batman?  YES PLEASE!

The funniest thing about this new trailer for 24: Live Another Day is the “red-band” text that opens it:

I have absolutely zero interest in the film Sabotage, but this article’s description of star Josh Holloway as “America’s Sean Bean” made me laugh and laugh.  HAS Mr. Holloway actually lived to the end of a movie he’s been in…??

I learned about Operation: Paperclip as a kid from The X-Files.  It was real, and represents a fascinating (and morally ambiguous) era of American history.  I was pleased to see it referenced as part of the fictional S.H.I.E.L.D./Hydra back-story in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  More on Operation: Paperclip and the Marvel universe can be found here.… [continued]

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“We have the tools, we have the talent!” Josh Enjoys Ghostbusters Back on the Big Screen!

October 17th, 2011

Did you know that Ghostbusters is back in theatres???  It’s true!  At select cinemas across the country, Ghostbusters screened last Thursday night, and there are showings scheduled for this Thursday and the following Thursday as well!  I was delighted to have been able to be at one of the screenings this past Thursday, and it was a blast.

One of the best movie-going experiences of my life was getting to see Ghostbusters on the big screen, about a decade ago, at one of the big Boston movie-theatre chains.  This theatre used to screen old movies at midnight on Friday and Saturday nights (for all I know, they still do!), and although I didn’t have the stamina to go every week, I certainly did attend a number of those midnight screenings.  They were always a huge amount of fun, and I relished getting to see great films like The Goonies, Batman, Beetlejuice, Raiders of the Lost Ark, etc., on the big screen and with a packed house of fans.  But by far the best midnight screening I ever attended was the showing of Ghostbusters.

Although I distinctly remember seeing Ghostbusters 2 in theatres, I am pretty sure I never saw the original on the big screen.  My memory of seeing it for the first time was watching it on TV with my dad (and running out of the room during the scary parts!).  So when I went to that midnight screening, I was excited to get to see this film that I loved so much on the big screen for the first time, and that was indeed super-cool.  But I was unprepared for the crazy energy of that sold-out theatre, stuffed to the gills with Ghostbusters fans.  People went crazy right from the opening shot, singing along to the music, laughing and joking around and having a grand old time.  About half of the people in the theatre were doing all of the lines right along with the characters.  Even better, the other half of the people weren’t just saying the dialogue, they were making jokes and shouting things at the screen that were funny because of the line of dialogue that we all knew was coming a second later.  It was like seeing the Rocky Horror Picture Show! An amazing movie was made even more spectacular by the insane energy and love for the film felt by everyone in the theatre.

I knew nothing could ever top that particular screening, and sure enough, when I saw Ghostbusters this past Thursday night, the crowd was far more sedate!  But that is not to diminish the great pleasure of getting to see Ghostbusters — one of my favorite films! — back … [continued]

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Who You Gonna Call?

June 11th, 2010

Glad to see that the people running the New York Public Library have a sense of humor.  This is worth a watch:

Visit nypl.org to support the New York Public Library.… [continued]

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News Around the Net

Here’s a fascinating/hilarious article assessing the Ghostbusters‘ Risky Business Plan.  Those of you in finance, take note!  And, speaking of Ghostbusters, here’s a link to 50 Reasons Why Ghostbusters Just Might Be The Greatest Film of All Time.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles show-runner Josh Friedman has a lengthy, funny, and sort-of-sad assessment of the cancellation of his show that is worth checking out.

Here’s an interesting piece about the Seven Director’s Cuts That You Didn’t Realize That You Wanted.   I DEFINITELY would love to see an alternate cut of The Fountain!

I loved this article about the 10 Most Polarizing Films of the Last Decade.  I strongly disagree with some of his opinions (I really enjoyed both Watchmen and Fahrenheit 9/11, while I had absolutely no patience for Eyes Wide Shut), but I was THRILLED to find someone other than me who loves the criminally underrated Vanilla Sky!!  Follow the link and join the debate.

Here’s another great list: The fine folks at DVDActive.com (one of my favorite DVD-related web-sites) have put together their list of the 10 Franchises That Deserve Better.  It’s a great read, and I am in full agreement with most of their choices.

Did you happen to catch William Shatner’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien last month?  Check out the clip on Trekmovie.com.  It’s worth watching for the insanity of the last 30 seconds.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  See you back here on Monday!… [continued]