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Motion Pictures Included in JOMIX Exhibition in NYC!

February 24th, 2015

I am delighted that THREE Motion Pictures comics will be included in the upcoming exhibition: JOMIX: Jewish Comics; Art & Derivation!


About the Exhibition: From the invention of Superman by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, to the graphic novel Maus by Art Spiegelman, Jewish artists and writers have served an essential and indispensable role in the comics and graphic novel industry. This exhibition boasts a roster of cutting edge creators, reinvestigating traditional genres like superhero, political satire, romance, horror, science fiction and confessionals through a Jewish lens. Join us for a look at how these contemporary Jewish artists use the comics medium as a way to express and address their own Jewish identity and cultural experience while also examining the complex relationship of art, identity and culture within the Jewish community at large.

Click here for more information on the exhibition!

The exhibition will be on view March 1-May 8, 2015, Monday-Thursday 10-5 by appointment.  The exhibition is located at: UJA-Federation of New York, 130 East 59th, Street Seventh-Floor Gallery, New York City.  Contact Lillian Rodriguez at 1.212.836.1793 or rodriguezl@ujafedny.org.

There will be an opening on March 10th, 2015, from 6:00-7:30 PM.  Guest speakers will include: Karen Green, Graphic Novel Librarian, Columbia University
, and Joel Silverstein and Richard McBee, Exhibit Curators, Jewish Art Salon.  RSVP required by Feb. 26th, 2015. Contact jewishartsalon@gmail.com.  The opening is semi-private; all attendees need to RSVP.

The three comics of mine that will be included are from my Inglorious Basterds parody from back in 2009.  Click here to read the entire Inglorious Basterds series!… [continued]

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Badass Sunday Comics and the Jewish Comix Anthology!

March 3rd, 2014

I’m pleased that an “oldie but goodie” from Motion Pictures has again been included in Badass Digest‘s new feature, Badass Sunday Comics!  This is a bi-weekly post that includes comics poking fun at a variety of movie-related topics.  It’s a fun feature, and I’m thrilled to be included.

Also, I am very excited to announce that the kickstarter for the Jewish Comix Anthology has been successfully backed!!  I am thrilled and honored to be included in this 250-page hardcover anthology, featuring the work of Jewish comics artists such as Art Spiegelman, Harvey Pekar, Robert Crumb, Will Eisner, Joe Kubert, and an incredible array of other artists.  This book will hopefully be published this summer.

There are still 24 hours left to the kickstarter campaign, and we’d love the help of some additional backers as we strive to reach our stretch goals.  In addition to owning this sure-to-be-awesome Comix Anthology, there are lots of other great backer rewards including the opportunity to purchase the original art from one of these two Motion Pictures cartoons!!



Click here WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS to back the Jewish Comix Anthology kickstarter campaign!  Thanks, everyone!!… [continued]

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Jewish Comix Anthology Kickstarter!

February 16th, 2014

Hi friends!  I am excited to announce the kickstarter for the first-ever Jewish Comix Anthology!  This 250-page hardcover book will contain the work of 47 Jewish artists including Art Spiegelman, Joe Kubert, Will Eisner, Harvey Pekar, Robert Crumb… and me!


From the description of the project on kickstarter:

When you hear the names Robert CrumbWill EisnerJoe Kubert or Pulitzer Prize winning author Art Spiegelman do you think simply of historic comic icons?  Well did you know that Will Eisner adapted the little-known Jewish folk tale ‘The Rabbi and the Inquisitor‘ with a modern New York setting? Have you seen Robert Crumb’s interpretation of the legend of the Golem of Prague? When you think of Art Spiegelman does the short story ‘Prince Rooster‘ come to mind?

Whether you answered yes or no to the above questions, you should back the Jewish Comix Anthology: Volume 1!  Our goal is to bring 47 comic book and graphic novel artists together – including dozens of these little-known Jewish stories by well-known comic artists – into print in one collection for you!

We’re bringing together artists from Canada, the US, Israel and the UK, making theJewish Comix Anthology: Volume 1 unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

I am thrilled and honored to be included among this amazing group of artists.  To support the kickstarter (and receive backer rewards ranging from a copy of the Anthology to signed art by some of the participating artists), click here!  One of my original pages has already been claimed, but if you’re interested there is still one more of my original pieces of art up for bid.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported this kickstarter!  If you haven’t, I hope you’ll consider clicking here to back this exciting project!… [continued]

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Star Trek Websites Link to My Star Trek Into Darkness Cartoons!

September 5th, 2013

In a pretty cool turn of events, my Star Trek Into Darkness cartoons (click here for the whole run) have been getting a nice amount of love from a variety of Star Trek web-sites around the net over the past few days!

Trekmovie.com included one of my strips in their “Star Trek Into Darkness Tidbits” post.

Trektoday.com spotlighted several of my Into Darkness cartoons.  I visit both Trekmovie and Trektoday regularly for my dose of Trek news, so it was super-cool to see Motion Pictures appear on those sites!

Also, Jill Rayburn, a former writer for Roddenberry.com who had posted a nice review of my work back in 2009 when I published cartoons parodying J.J. Abrams’ first Star Trek film, just posted a really awesome write-up of MotionPicturesComics.com.  She highlighted my Into Darkness cartoons, but also wrote about some of the other films I have poked fun of, including The Hobbit.  Super cool.… [continued]

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Josh Interviewed By James Bond Website!

February 18th, 2013

Hi gang!  Yesterday the website 007james.com posted an in-depth interview with me, talking all about MotionPicturesComics.com!  The interview focused on my Skyfall cartoons and James Bond films, but we also discussed my web-comic in general, its history and development and my approach.  I think it was a pretty great interview, and I was honored to be asked by the site to participate!

You can click here for the full interview.  Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Your Skyfall series was 19 comics. Did you plan the jokes out beforehand, or do you generally write as you go along, letting the humour guide you?

Whenever I am about to start on a new movie, I grab a bunch of sheets of scrap paper and spend several hours doodling out all of my cartoon ideas. These are super-rough sketches, with just scribbles and blobs for the characters. But I get all my ideas sorted out before starting to draw a single cartoon. I have no set number of cartoons per movie, though if possible I try to do them by multiples of four (since I try to post four new cartoons every week, and I like to start a new movie on a Monday, rather than mid-week).

Q: Which other Bond films do you think are silliest enough to be ripe for parody?

Heh heh, all of them? I absolutely love the Bond films, I have seen them all so many times, but even the best ones have plenty that could be made fun of. The Roger Moore films are all pretty ridiculous, from the moment in Live and Let Die in which we see Bond driving through Harlem, and every single African American person he passes seems to be in on the criminal conspiracy… to when we see octogenarian Moore climbing the Golden Gate bridge in A View to a Kill. But actually, I think the easiest movies to parody are the ones that take themselves very seriously. Casino Royale (the Daniel Craig one, not the Woody Allen one!) came out before I started MotionPicturesComics.com, but I’d love to go back and parody that film one of these days.

Click here for the full interview.  My thanks to 007james.com!… [continued]

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More Love for Motion Pictures from Around the Net

May 22nd, 2009

Yesterday I mentioned two terrific reviews of the recent Trek coverage and comics here at MotionPicturesComics.com.  I’m also excited to report that we’ve been mentioned on several other fun sites from around the web over the past two weeks:

Star Trek author Keith R.A. DeCandido (whose amazing recent novels and short-stories have been showered with praise by yours truly) was kind enough to mention MotionPicturesComics.com on his blog a few times recently (here and here).  Motion Pictures also got a nice mention on the blog of another talented Star Trek author, William Leisner.  (He liked my review of his recent Star Trek: Myriad Universe story, “A Gutted World.”  Well, I really liked that story!)

Galactica Sitrep is an indispensable site devoted to Battlestar Galactica (should we keep referring to the show as “the new” Battlestar Galactica, seeing as it is now over and done with??), and they were kind enough to post a link to my recent review of the Caprica pilot.

Finally, Motion Pictures also rated a nice (but brief) mention recently on Trekmovie.com, the best source of Trek news on-line these days.  They cover all aspects of the Trek universe (the new film, of course, but also books, comics, fan films, and lots more).  It’s a great site, and one that I check daily.

Let’s hope that word about my little web-site continues to spread…

Have a great long weekend, everyone!… [continued]

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Motion Pictures Around the Net!

May 21st, 2009

MotionPicturesComics.com has been getting a little bit of love from around the net lately!

Jill Rayburn at Roddenberry.com posted a RAVE review of the site and my recent Star Trek comics.  Jill writes a regular blog on that site called Artistic License that is well worth checking out.  In addition to her regular Star Trek coverage (which is thorough — I particularly enjoyed her recent look at Alan Dean Foster’s novelization of the new Trek film) she writes about comics, games, DVDs, and all sorts of other fun stuff.

We also got a GREAT write-up over at Axiom’s Edge, a terrific blog about all Sci-fi and fantasy movies, TV shows, etc.  Like this site, they’ve had a lot of Trek-related content up recently.  Lots of fun stuff to be found — like their in-depth coverage of the recent network announcements of their Fall TV schedules, lots of great comics reviews, and a whole heaping helping of fun Trek stuff.  It’s a fantastic site — take a look!