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So… has there been some Star Wars news this week…?

Well, let me just say this, which I’m sure I’ll be repeating over and over again ad nauseam between now and Dec 18, 2015.  I would love nothing more than to see a great new Star Wars movie in a theatre at some point during the rest of my life.  I would be delighted and thrilled for Episode VII to be that movie.  I am rooting for it.

Although there are a billion ways for it to go wrong and turn our embarrassing, I like the idea of the original trio of Luke, Han, and Leia (Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher) being involved in the movie.

I am cautiously optimistic that J.J. Abrams is the right director for the film.  I think J.J. understand how to balance nostalgia with telling a fresh story; I think he has a good cinematic eye; and I think he has the muscle in Hollywood to make the movie he wants to make.  On the other hand, his last film was the execrable Star Trek Into Darkness.  So that’s a problem.

There are some really exciting names in the new cast just announced.  John Boyega was phenomenal in Attack the Block.  Oscar Isaac was phenomenal in Inside Llewyn Davis.  Domhnall Gleeson was phenomenal in About Time.  Andy Serkis is the new god of 21st century big-budget fantasy film-making.  (I assume he’ll be playing a mo-cap creature, but I’d be equally happy if he’s performing as himself in the film.)  Max Von Sydow was absolutely BORN to be in a Star Wars movie.  Adam Driver is a surprising choice — I think he’s a terrific actor, but he has a very “modern” feel that I have a hard time imagining translating into a Star Wars movie, but I can hold my judgment for now.  (Interestingly enough, he shared a scene — a GREAT scene — with Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis!)  Like the rest of America, I have no idea who Daisy Ridley is (just that she has a cool name), but I look forward to finding out.

So, so far, I am cautiously optimistic about Star Wars: Episode VII.  This is not a film I think needs to be made.  But since they’re making it, I hope to hell it’ll be great.  Right now, I have plenty of reasons to worry (none of us have to imagine what a terrible Star Wars movie looks like — we’ve all already seen it), but also plenty of reasons to hope.  We’ll all know for sure in just a year and a half.

In other news…

This is a fantastic [continued]

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Behold Seth MacFarlane’s Amazing William Shatner Impression!!

The first two minutes of this clip makes me laugh so hard.

Oh yeah, I know that episode.  Genius!… [continued]

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Happy 80th Birthday William Shatner! It’s the THIRD annual Talk Like William Shatner Day!

WOW — Happy 80th birthday, William Shatner!

For the last two years, now, talented voice-actor Maurice LaMarche has spearheaded International Talk Like William Shatner Day, in honor of the Shat’s birthday!  Click here for his first video from 2009 in which he unleashes his phenomenal Shatner impression (“saboTAGE”), and here for last year’s video accompanied by the hilarious Kevin Pollak, who also does a phenomenal Shatner impresson.

This year, Mr. LaMarche partnered with the fine folks at TrekMovie.com to run a contest for the best fan Shatner impersonation.  Here is Mr. LaMarche’s video.  It’s not quite as good as the last two years’ videos, since he spends most of the time assessing his favorite fan videos (and also, the video is weirdly out-of-sync), but we still get some great Shat right at the beginning.

Click here to check out all the rest of the fan winners on TrekMovie.com.[continued]

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International Talk Like William Shatner Day!

April 1st, 2010

Last week was the second annual Talk Like William Shatner Day!  (It’s in honor of William Shatner’s birthday on March 22nd, of course.)  Let’s celebrate, shall we, with Maurice LaMarche and Kevin Pollak!

Click here for more!… [continued]

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International Talk Like William Shatner Day!

Did you know that this past Sunday, March 22, was International Talk Like William Shatner Day?  Let the incredibly talented voice-artist Maurice LaMarche (the voice of The Brain from Pinky and the Brain, numerous characters on Futurama, and an incredibly long list of other credits) tell you all about it!


Have you ever heard Kevin Pollak do his famous impersonation of William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk?  BEHOLD!