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Welcome to Motion Pictures!

Welcome to Motion Pictures!

What’s this strip all about?

A boy and his robot mysteriously gain the power to jump in and out of movies.  Hilarity ensues.

That’s pretty much all you need to know!  Every day in this strip our characters will find themselves trapped in a different movie, and, well, let’s just say that those movies will be mocked.  But with love!

Motion Pictures has been kicking around my brain since 1999-2000.  It started as a daily comic strip idea that I submitted to syndicates after graduating from college…and then it morphed into a self-published comic book in 2002-04.  Its lain dormant since then, but like a good movie villain its just been waiting for its moment to re-emerge and wreak havok.  And that moment, dear friends, is upon us.

Visit our archive pages to see past cartoons as well as my always witty blog entries.

And as a special trip down memory lane, below is the very first Motion Pictures that I ever drew, back in 1999, which contains the SECRET ORIGIN of Motion Pictures!!